Prices - trademark

Here you can find the fees for consulting services regarding trademarks, excluding VAT.

Quotations are based on an hourly rate of 1200 SEK. The fees are excluding VAT. Where applicable VAT is 25%.

Preliminary examinations and searches Fee (SEK)
Comprehensive preliminary search with delivery within 7 weekdays and up to 5000 results. 2 800
More than 5000 search results By quotation
Express delivery weekdays within 48 hours 4 000
Other preliminary searches By quotation
Get started, see a trademark specialist 2 500


Monitoring services,
including monthly reports
Fee/year (SEK)
Trademark with or without logotype, including three classes, 400 SEK per additional class. 6 500
Class (goods/services) 12 500
Diary monitoring 3 800
Other monitoring services By quotation
Other services Fee (SEK)
Swedish trademark database (entire database)
Payment is made in advance once per year. Weekly updates.

5 000

Copies of other than a public document if the order is for 10 pages or more. Fee is per page.


Copies and printouts of public documents exempt from VAT:
up to 9 pages
10 pages
for each additional page

No Fee

Postal costs, invoice 30
Postal costs, deposit account 20
Edited 2024-02-09