Aye Aye Maw: Learning from each other

Aye Aye Maw was one of the participants in the IP training programme. Here is what she has to say about the course.

Why are you participating in this course?Aye Aye Maw, participant.

- In my country we don’t have a legislation regarding matters of intellectual property. An IP-office is currently being formed and this course is an ideal chance to see how other countries are working with intellectual property and legislation.

Since I am involved in structuring the IP-office at home, I need to learn about how to implement IP-law in a way that benefits the development of my country and region, and how IP-law can be used as an incentive for other countries to invest in ours.

What do you think about this course? Was it what you expected it to be?

- Oh yes, and so much more! I knew that the participants in this course would get a thorough introduction to intellectual property and how to build structures to create IP-law. At home we have had several candidates participating here, and they told me about PRV and that you are one of the best actors in this regard. What I like especially about this course is that every single participant gets a mentor from PRV. The mentor will guide you for a specific time to help you get started with legislation and infrastructure to start working effectively with intellectual property rights.

What is the best thing with this course?

-The best thing is meeting people from other countries who share the same experience concerning intellectual property. Some of the countries have already come a long way, with a ratified legislation, and bureaus that work solely with intellectual property. And other countries are yet at the beginning, just about to start an IP-office and looking for knowledge on how to raise awareness about intellectual property and its importance for growth. In this course we can learn from each other and get useful hints on how to tackle various challenges. We learn from each other and through that we help each other.

Would you recommend this course?

-Yes of course! This course is very useful and I feel lucky that I was chosen for it!