There is more to IP than patent-registration

Oliver Rwamasirabo was one of participant in last years course. We talked to him about his work and insights from this course.

Oliver Rwamasirabo, participant.Tell us about your project

- My role in Rwanda is to support governmental and research institutions in raising awareness about the importance of intellectual property and to help them develop strategies concerning intellectual property.

Our vision is to develop from an agricultural economy to a knowledge-based economy. Since 2009 we have an IP-policy. The challenge now is to see how we can use that framework to foster research and technology.


How do you think this course will help you in your project?

- Here I can learn from PRV and from the other participants about what can be done to increase knowledge about intellectual property. Today there is little knowledge of intellectual property in Rwanda, especially in the private sector. Companies do not know about the rights and possibilities they have to protect their intellectual property and what this means for their growth. In this course, I learn the right tools for starting a debate about intellectual property in my country and to raise awareness about its importance for growth.

What do you think about the course?

- The course gives me useful knowledge about how we in Rwanda can raise awareness about intellectual property. There is more to IP than just a patent-registration or a trademark. A strategy for intellectual property rights can lead to increased growth in a company. Knowledge about IP and how it can be used can serve as an incentive for institutions and companies to participate in technological research, and it is an incentive for other countries to invest in Rwanda. This course gives me the tools that are necessary to work for a greater understanding of IP and its importance for growth and wealth.

What about after the course, will you stay in touch with the other delegates?

Yes! We already have an WhatsApp group and there is also a Facebook group for us! I think most of us will stay in touch, and there will certainly be opportunities to visit each other and continue our discussions in our countries!