Choose the right intellectual property type for your idea

Companies that protect their intangible assets often have higher growth, profitability and development and thus create better business than those that do not.

Learn more about the intellectual property protections patents, trademarks and designs.

Intellectual property rights

There are four types of intellectual property rights: copyright, patent, trademark and design. When you create something, copyright occurs automatically. You can choose to protect the other three with us at Swedish Intellectual Property Office, PRV.


Patent protects new technical solutions to problems. The protection gives you exclusive right to your invention for up to 20 years.

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A trademark is a distinguishing sign for a product or a service. For example, it can be a word, a symbol, a sound or a colour.

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A design registration protects the appearance of a product, but not its function.

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Copyright protects artistic creation such as music, film and literature. The protection occurs automatically.

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The intangible assets make up about 80 percent of the company’s value, and often more than that. By developing a strategy for how to manage your intangible assets, you give yourself the conditions to create higher growth, profitability and development in your company.


Which intangible assets exists in the company.


Which of the assets are valuable and potential risks.


Which markets you are in and which intellectual property protections are suitable for you.

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IP professionals

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Knowledge and support

Increase your knowledge in intellectual property rights with PRV.

PRV’s trainings

PRV offers a variety of trainings within patent, trademark, design and copyright. We cover all levels, from basic to advanced. We can also design a training concept according to your enterprise’s specific needs.

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PRV’s library

In PRV’s library you can find databases and literature within intellectual property rights and technology. We can also provide guidance on how to protect your idea.

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PRV consulting

PRV Consulting offers search services within patent, trademark and design for a fee. You can use the processed information as a basis for strategic decisions.

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Everything within knowledge and support

Here you can find all our content within knowledge and support. You can for example choose to take part in the PRV-school online or a glossary with words within the concept of intangible assets.

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The more successful you are as an entrepreneur, the greater the risk of getting copied.


Here you find interviews with successful entrepreneurs: Within different business areas, they all work strategically with intellectual property such as trademark, patent, design protection and copyright. Find inspiration here!

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