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Intellectual property rights

There are four types of intellectual property rights: copyright, patent, trademark and design. When you create something, copyright occurs automatically. You can choose to protect the other three with us at Swedish Intellectual Property Office, PRV.


Patent protects new technical solutions to problems. The protection gives you exclusive right to your invention for up to 20 years.

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A trademark is a distinguishing sign for a product or a service. For example, it can be a word, a symbol, a sound or a colour.

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A design registration protects the appearance of a product, but not its function.

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Copyright protects artistic creation such as music, film and literature. The protection occurs automatically.

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New package on game development

We are now launching a brand new knowledge package on game development. Here, we assist you as a game developer in creating value from your intellectual properties.

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Welcome to PRV Consulting

We offers a wide range of search services – standard products as well as customized searches based on your specific needs. You can use the information as a basis for strategic decisions. Our strength lies in using experienced patent examiners, assuring our customers skilled searching experts in all areas of technology.

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Certificate of publication

If you want to publish a periodical, you must have a certificate of publication according to the Freedom of the Press Act. The requirement of a certificate of publication also means the periodical is covered by the rules regarding freedom of the press.

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12 June 2024

Foul play: The high cost of IP infringement in sports

This year, Europe is the focal point for all things sports-related. The world is gearing up to witness spectacular goals at the UEFA Euro 2024, photo finishes at the Tour de France, and triumphs at the Olympic Games in Paris.

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PRV arranges conference on AI and copyright

On September 12-13, PRV, in collaboration with the National Library and the Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law, is organizing an international two-day conference. Participants...

12 September 2024 | 08:30
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The more successful you are as an entrepreneur, the greater the risk of getting copied.


Here you find interviews with successful entrepreneurs: Within different business areas, they all work strategically with intellectual property such as trademark, patent, design protection and copyright. Find inspiration here!