Example of design

From sweets to lorries – there are many good examples of products that can be design registered.

The skull that became a popular sweet

Sweet skull in black

A chewy sweet with a special shape can be design registered at PRV. 

One of Sweden’s sweets makers, BUBS, makes its sweets in many different shapes. There are cats, fish and skulls. The skull, which is made in sour flavours and liquorice/raspberry, has been registered with PRV since April 2006 and is one of the company’s big sellers.  

Registration number: 78957 

Holder: BUBS GODIS Aktiebolag 

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Design-protected medicine 


The shape of medicine can also be design registered. AstraZeneca has registered several of its tablet shapes. 

The design protection provides a sole right to the appearance of the tablet, not the chemical substance that the medicine consists of. A registration prevents others from producing, selling and marketing similar tablets.  

Registration number: 43766 

Holder: AstraZeneca AB 

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Lorry and toy 

Lorry - toy

Volvo Trucks has registered the design of one of their lorries, both as a vehicle and as a toy. 

Volvo Trucks’ lorry is registered both as a vehicle and as a toy. No one else than Volvo Trucks has the right to make products that look the same as their lorries. 

Registration number: 69074 

Holder: Volvo Lastvagnar Aktiebolag 

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Environmental design registration 

Bottle recycling mark 1 SEK

The small mark that says how much money you can get back as a deposit is one of many design-registered marks. 

Many marks around us are design registered. This is true, for example, of the little symbol that encourage us to recycle our returnable bottle. In Sweden, we are the best in the world at bottle recycling and it may partly be due to the powerful symbol. 

Registration number: 77631 

Holder: Returpack-Burk Svenska AB 

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