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A design registration protects your product’s appearance and prevents others from using the same design.

Investigate the possibility of registering your design 

Your registered design must be new and differ from previously known or registered designs. It is you who are responsible for checking that it does so. 

It is important that you avoid infringing on somebody else’s rights. 

You can get help from PRV consulting services or conduct your own searches in databases and registers.  

To PRV’s consulting services

A few examples of databases you can search in are: 

Swedish Design Database (external website)

DesignView (external website)

The EU design register, eSearch Plus (external website)

International design registrations, Hague Express (external website)

Remember that there may also be designs that are covered by other forms of protection, such as copyright, trademark protection and unregistered design protection.  

How long your design registration is valid

  • Your design registration is valid for five years from the application date. You have the possibility of extending the registration for a maximum of 25 years. 
  • When you apply for a new registration, you can opt to apply and pay for several five-year periods directly. You can also apply for the entire 25-year period directly. 

Spare parts 

For spare parts, the registration is valid for a maximum of 15 years. A spare part is a part that is used for the repair of a product so that it regains its original appearance. 

PRV does not examine if your product is a spare part. This means that it is you who must determine if the registration can be valid for a maximum of 15 or 25 years. 

Advantages of registering your design

A design registration can create better profitability in many ways: 

  • It gives you an important advantage because you have the exclusive right to use the design commercially.
  • If you end up in conflict because somebody copies your design, it is easier to prove that it is yours.
  • Your documented right to the design gives you a good starting point to negotiate the financing of development costs and to conclude sales and licensing agreements with others. 
  • With a design registration, you create greater respect and distance to the competitors and thereby take a larger market share. You will raise the company’s worth and make it more visible to investors. 

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