Requirements on submitted documents for design

Here, you can read about the requirements we set on your submitted documents in design matters.

It is the parties themselves who are responsible for ensuring that submitted documents are signed by an authorised person. PRV does not examine if the person who has signed a document is an authorised company signatory or has some form of power of attorney.

Send your documents in by email. We also prefer that you send in certified copies digitally unless originals are required. We consider scanned and emailed documents to be certified copies. Powers of attorney (authorisations) by email are accordingly not approved.

Fax submissions are not considered to be certified copies since the quality is too low. A fax “keeps a deadline”, but no more. You therefore need to send in an original or a certified copy (when one suffices) after a fax submission.

Application: original. If you make a submission by fax, the application must be confirmed with an original signature. PRV does not consider an application to have been made until you have submitted image materials or a model that clearly shows the design/pattern.

The image material: the design must be clearly visible and provide a perception of the entire appearance. Please read the separate page with information on the requirements on the images. (link)

Power of attorney: is to be submitted as an original or a certified copy. It must be dated, signed and have the name in block letters.

We accept responses by paper, email or fax.

If we are uncertain if the response really comes from the applicant or the applicant’s attorney, we may request an original document.

Withdrawal of the application: original or certified copy.

Withdrawal of a certain pattern/design in an application for multiple registrations: original or certified copy.

Document that secrecy is to be ended/shortened: original.

Consent, coexistence agreement, transfer, licensing agreement, certification of transfer of design and instruments of inheritance: original or certified copy. We accept excerpts from any contractual documents if an original signature or a certified copy is included.

Document that shows a company transformation or merger document: copy.

Company name change by same legal entity/natural person: to verify the change, you can present a copy or printout of, for example, a register transcript of a previously submitted official document.

Address change via paper, email or fax is general accepted unless PRV questions that the registration really comes from the applicant/holder or an attorney. If the case officer is in doubt, we may request a signature.

Statutes (for associations, foundations, etc.): original or certified copy.

Minutes from an Annual General Meeting or other document that shows the company signatory: original or certified copy.

Renewal application: signature is not needed. The payment confirms the renewal.

Opposition: original in duplicate.

Appeal: original or certified copy. Note that the Patent and Market Court may require originals to examine the matter.

Priority (a document you send in to verify priority): original

Extension request: in writing by paper, email or fax.

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