Business plan

You should describe the prerequisites and strategy for executing your business concept and achieving your commercial objectives in the business plan. You should also describe how intangible assets will be protected.

Before you set up a company, the business plan is an important tool for planning and structuring the company’s operations. You should first think through the actual business concept and then move on to the longer-term business plan. 

In the business plan, you should describe your company and how you imagine the company will operate in order for your business concept to be feasible. You should also describe how you will protect your intangible assets through, for example, patents, copyright, trademarks or design protection.

The business plan can contain information on the following: 

  • the company’s business concept, objectives, vision
  • what form the marketing will take
  • the strategy for protecting and managing intangible assets
  • risks, opportunity and the competition
  • financial calculations, profitability assessment, capital and capital requirements
  • employee experience, essential equipment and board of directors what the future of the company is like.

If the company requires capital from financers or banks, a carefully considered business plan is essential. It is also important to have a business plan in connection with contacts with other types of stakeholders, such as prospective collaboration partners. 

It can be a good idea to enlist the help of an experienced adviser who can evaluate your business concept and your business plan before you set up the company. This can help you avoid common pitfalls and the adviser can tell you wat information you should have in your business plan before a meeting with financers, for example. In order for your company to be a success, it is important not just to have a good product and business concept; a carefully considered business plan is also essential in order to succeed in the long term. 

Test your business

In the test, we will help you identify your intangible assets:

Test your business