Patent agencies

Patent agencies help companies and individuals with regard to issues concerning patents and other intellectual property rights, such as trademark, design and copyright issues.

Patent agencies help customers to obtain the protection they need for the products and ideas which the company or person wishes to protect. A patent agency will often be involved right from conception of an idea to acquisition of the patent, or even longer - just because a company has obtained its patent does not mean that the patent agency’s job is done. 

Patent agencies can be consulting partners in connection with the selection of an appropriate form of protection, and they can help customers to prepare patent applications for submission to the Swedish Intellectual Property Office (PRV) or patent applications abroad and monitor rights and cases of attempted infringement. If a competitor uses your company’s trademark, exploits its reputation or steals a protected invention, a patent agency will be able to help. A patent agency or a legal firm specialising in intellectual property rights will often also be able to assist your company in connection with legal proceedings relating to intellectual property rights, e.g. in the event of patent disputes. If anyone else claims that you have infringed their intellectual property rights, a patent agency will be able to represent you. 

Other services which some patent agencies and legal firms specialising in intellectual property rights will be able to help you with include the drawing up of various types of agreements involving intellectual property rights. Examples include transfer agreements for trademarks or domain names, or acting as an adviser in connection with licensing discussions and the preparation of licence agreements, if the company is looking to license out any of its intellectual property rights, such as a patent, design or trademark. PRV is unable to make any recommendations as regards which patent agencies specialise within a particular field. You will find some general tips regarding what you should think about here: 

Guidance when choosing an agent for trademarks

Guidance when choosing a patent agent

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