Patent agents

Patent agents represent an individual or a company in connection with issues relating to patent rights, e.g. in connection with patent applications. A patent agent will normally work at a patent agency.

It can be difficult to write a correct patent application which will give you the protection you need. Whether or not you should get help to write it is therefore an important question. In many countries, the law requires patent applicants to have an agent who is specifically authorised. Sweden does not have such a requirement, but PRV’s statistics show that applications submitted by professional patent agents result in many more patents being granted than those which are dealt with by the applicants themselves.

Even though there is no requirement for authorisation in Sweden, a patent agent can be authorised. The authorisation of patent agents is handled by the Swedish Patent Attorneys Board. PRV is unable to make any recommendations as regards which patent agents specialise within a particular field. You will find some general tips regarding what you should think about here: 

Guidance when choosing an agent for trademarks

Guidance when choosing a patent agent

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