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PRV InterPat offers a wide range of search services – standard products as well as customized searches based on your specific needs. You can use the information as a basis for strategic decisions.

PRV InterPat

Our strength lies in using experienced patent examiners, assuring our customers skilled searching experts in all areas of technology. PRV InterPat is a part of the Swedish Intellectual Property Office, one of few global PCT-offices.

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Use our online service PRV InterPat Secure to order your search as well as to download your search report.

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Why choose us?

  • We are part of PRV, which is a PCT authority.
  • Our patent engineers have deep knowledge.
  • We have expertise in all technical fields.
  • We use the best and most advanced search tools.
  • You always get direct contact with our specialists.
  • Our trademark and design experts have deep knowledge.
  • We help customers all over the world.
  • We speak English, German and French.
  • We operate under absolute confidentiality and secrecy.
  • We have provided consultancy services since 1947.

You are most welcome to contact us to discuss your needs.

Telephone: +46 8 782 28 85

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