Chemistry, NPL-databases

Here is a list of the databases in Chemistry that PRV has access to, regarding Non Patent Literature (NPL).

Academic Search Elite

Contains approx. 3500 scientific journals from various fields, about 2000 in full text.

  • Constantly updated.
  • Published by EBSCO.

ASC American Chemical Society

  • Contains over 40 scientific journals in full text.

Analytical Abstracts

  • A reference database covering a range of sources.
  • Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • From 1980.


  • Search engine targeting scientific open access journals of all disciplines.
  • From Universitätsbibliothek Bielefeld.

BIOSIS Biological Abstracts*

  • Abstracts from research articles and other publications.
  • The sources are journals.
  • Contains all biological and biomedical disciplines.
  • From 1969.
  • Updated weekly.

DOAJ Directory of open access journals

  • Almost 10.000 open access journals gathered by Lunds University. 50% searchable on article level.

EBSCO Academic Collection

  • E-books from various fields, e.g. chemistry
  • New titles added each year.

Embase Biomedical and pharmacological data*

  • A biomedical and pharmacological database produced by Elsevier.
  • Covers medical and drug-related subjects.
  • Sources are conference proceedings and more than 4000 biomedical journal from 70 countries.
  • Produced by Elsevier.
  • From 1947.
  • Updated weekly.

German Automotive Collection

Contains journals such as ATZ – Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift and MTZ –

  • Motortechnische Zeitschrift.
  • Springer Verlag
  • From 1998.

Global New Products Database (GNPD)

Contains data on new products in retail – food, beverage, beauty and personal care, healthcare, household goods and pet care.

  • A Mintel database.
  • Monthly updates.
  • From 1996.

J-STAGE Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic

  • Access to around 2000 Japanese journals from various universities.


  • Primarily biochemistry and medical journals from Karger Publishers.
  • Contains approximately 100 journals.

MEDLINE US National Library of Medicine*

Contains biomedical literature produced by the United States National Library of Medicine, abstracts included.

  • From 1950.
  • Updated daily.

Nature journals


  • Nature (includes Nature News).
  • Nature Biotechnology.
  • Nature Genetics.
  • Nature Medicine.
  • Nature Methods.
  • Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.

PUBCHEM Chemical structure and compound names*

  • A database of chemical molecules and their activities.
  • Contains substance descriptions and small molecules with fewer than 1000 atoms and 1000 bonds.
  • Consists of three growing databases: PubChem Compounds, PubChem Substances and PubChem Assay.
  • Released in 2004.

Royal Society of Chemistry Gold

  • Contains approx. 40 current journals and 7 databases.
  • Contains an archive of 73 journals published between 1841-2007.

SciELO Scientific Electronic Library Online

  • Contains scientific open access journals, primarily from Latin America.

Science Direct Freedom Collection

  • Approx 2100 scientific journals from various disciplines.
  • From Elsevier.
  • Contains articles between 1995 and June 30th 2018.


  • A scientific database containing abstracts from journals, conferences, patents and industry publications.
  • Contains över 40 millions references dating from 1823 onwards.
  • From Elsevier.
  • Updated daily.


  • Contains over 2300 journals from Springer Verlag.
  • Some journals are Open Access.
  • Coverage from 1924.

Springer Reference

  • Major reference works and encyclopedias from Springer Verlag.
  • Covers medicine, chemistry, technology and engineering.

SQEMEST Bibliographic data biological sequences. EST*

  • A collection Expressed Sequence Tag.
  • International collaboration, produced by Genbank and the DNA Database of Japan.
  • Produced by European Bioinformatics Institute.
  • Updated quarterly.

SQEMGSS Bibiographic data biological sequences GSS*

  • A collection of Genome Sequence Scan records.
  • International collaboration, produced by Genbank and the DNA Database of Japan.
  • Produced by European Bioinformatics Institute.
  • Updated quarterly.

SQEMOTH Bibliographic data biological sequences. EMBL Others*

  • EMBL Others.
  • International collaboration, produced by Genbank and the DNA Database of Japan.
  • Produced by European Bioinformatics Institute.
  • Updated quarterly.

SQEMWGS Bibliographic data biological sequences. WGS*

  • A collection of EMBL Whole Genom Shotgun records.
  • International collaboration, produced by Genbank and the DNA Database of Japan.
  • Produced by European Bioinformatics Institute.
  • Updated quarterly.

SQPRPUB Bibliographic data biological sequences. Uniprot+Prot*

  • Public proteins and Patent records.
  • The world’s most comprehensive catalogue of information about protein.
  • Comprises information from Swiss-Prot, TrEMBL, and PIR.
  • Produced by European Bioinformatics Institute.
  • Updated quarterly.


  • Theses, conference papers and journal articles.
  • Published by some 40 Swedish Universities, Research Institutes and Governmental Agencies.

Synthetic Reaction Updates

A searchable literature updating service within synthetic organic chemistry.


  • Bibliographic database of drugs and chemicals.
  • From the 1840s onwards.

Wiley Journals

  • Subscription includes “Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology” and “Ullman’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry”.
  • Approx. 1400 scientific journals, mostly technology, medicine and science.
  • Published by John Wiley & Sons.
  • Contains all Wiley journals since 1997.

XPTK Traditional knowledge*

  • A database containing references to traditional health-care systems and global literature on medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • Sources are the Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge and MAPA (Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Abstracts) database.
  • Published by the National Institute of Science Communication – NISCOM.
  • Consists of more than 55 000 abstracts, books, conference proceedings, patents, research papers and review articles.

XPOAC Open Access Central Journal Articles*

  • Open access to peer-reviewed biomedical and chemical journals.
  • Includes peer reviewed research articles in all areas of physics and mathematics.
  • Coverage from 1997.

XPIPCOM Ip com Prior Art*

  • Full-text database.
  • Contains disclosure publications from companies such as IBM, Siemens, Microsoft, Motorola, and Sony.
  • Includes disclosures from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, the US Patent and Trademark Office and the Internet Society.
  • Historical coverage varies according to datasource.