Patent databases, list

Here is a summary of the patent databases that PRV has access to.

Epodoc - European Patent Office

  • Updated daily
  • Patent numbers from the year 1887, searchable text for various countries from 1965
  • Contains references to the EPO’s systematically classified search documentation
  • Consists of published applications, granted patents and classified nonpatent literature
  • Corresponds to the DocDB which is the internal EPO master file used for the management of the search documentation.
  • Bibliographic data is available from more than 100 countries or other patent authorities.
  • Records contain bibliographic data, title, abstract written either in English, French, German or the original language, they also include the name of patent applicant and inventor and IPC, CPC; FI, FT and US classification symbols
  • Patent and non-patent documents cited during the search, examination or grant procedure.
  • PAJ Patent Abstracts of Japan is included

World patents Index (WPI) - Derwent

  • Consists of bibliographic data and patent abstracts from more than 40 countries and European and PCT patents.
  • Contains documents from Research Disclosures and International Technology Disclosures
  • Updated every 3 or 4 days
  • Covers 37,4 million inventions
  • Coverage varies by subject matter, the earliest is from 1963

EUREG - European Patent Office

  • European patent register
  • Bibliographic, legal and administrative information
  • Coverage from 1978
  • Updated daily
  • Based on the data available in the Patent Information Register

Alloys EPO

  • Ferrous and Non-ferrous alloys
  • Patent documents and classified NPL
  • Numeric searching available
  • Update depends on deliveries of the database manager


  • RM5N Laminates up to 1971
  • RM25 Laminates from 1971
  • RM26 Laminates from 2000
  • A search system for layered products and for methods or apparatus for manufacturing these layered products.
  • Updated monthly

Fulltext databases EPO

Full-text in English

The databases include full-text documents in English published in

  • Australia, AU
  • Canada, CA
  • China, CN, (machine translated)
  • Europe, EP
  • Great Britain, GB
  • Japan, JP (machine translated)
  • Korea, KR (machine translated)
  • United States, US
  • PCT applications, WO
  • United States, US

The databases cover the complete collection of EP and WO documents.

Full-text in German

The database includes full-text in German documents published in

  • Austria, AT
  • Belgium, BE
  • Europe, EP
  • Germany, DE
  • Switzerland, CH
  • PCT applications, WO.

The database covers the complete collection of EP and WO documents.

Full-text in French

The database includes full-text in French documents published in

  • Belgium, BE
  • Canada, CA
  • Europe, EP
  • France, FR
  • Switzerland, CH
  • PCT applications, WO.

The databases cover the complete collection of EP and WO documents.

Full-text Swiss documents in Italian

The database includes documents in Italian published in

  • Switzerland, CH

Full-text in Spanish

The database includes full-text in Spanish published in

  • Spain, ES

Full-text in Dutch

The database includes full-text in Dutch published in

  • Belgium, BE


  • Provides global access to published research, journal literature, patents
  • structures, sequences and properties
  • Contains more than 180 databases in technology, science and patent
  • Examples of databases are Chemical Abstracts, CA Plus, CAS Registry,
  • Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI), Inpafam and Inpadoc
  • Operated jointly by CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe


  • Contains information from more than 100 authorities in the subject of patents and design.
  • The major databases are FamPat, FullPat and FullText, the databases FamPat and FullPat both have information from more than 100 authorities and FullText have fulltext information in English from 24 authorities.
  • The databases are updated weekly.