Examples of various trademarks

It is important to think about what you want your company to look like to be perceived the way you want: with a word, a figure or a sound? 

Word marks 

A word mark consists of one or more words, for example Japp or Marco Polo. It may also be made of number or letter combinations, such as SVT or 3RT. A word mark may also consist of typographic characters, such as question marks and exclamation points. The word mark is always registered in a standard font. This means that you must also apply for a figurative mark if the trademark has a graphical element. 

Example: Carolina Klüft 

Registering a personal name as a trademark is somewhat common among people with a name used in official contexts. Carolina Klüft is one of the people who have chosen to protect their name as a trademark. 

Figurative marks/logotypes 

Figurative marks are the trademarks that consist of only a figure or a figure that is combined with words. This also includes word marks that have been designed with a special font; this may be either in black-and-white or in colour. 

Friluftsfrämjandet logotype

Example: Friluftsfrämjandet 

Since 1892, the association Friluftsfrämjandet has encouraged people to go out and get fresh air. The logotype with the ‘Vildmannen’ (the wild man) as the man on skis is known, has been present for more than 100 years and is registered as a figurative mark. 

Sound marks 

A sound mark consists of a sound or a melody. 


Example: Hemglass 

Today, it is not uncommon for a company to register a sound as a trademark. The first company to register a sound mark in Sweden was Hemglass. Their well-known melody has been a registered trademark since 1999. 

Three-dimensional marks 

When the product itself or the product’s packaging has a unique shape, such as a perfume or liqueur bottle with a shape that is not already on the market, you can apply to register it as a three-dimensional mark. 

Motion mark 

A mark where the parts that the trademark consist of are shifted, change or move. An example of a motion mark is an animated logotype. 

Multimedia marks 

A mark that consists of a combination of sound and images. 

Hologram marks 

A mark where a three-dimensional image is shown through holographic technology. 

Position mark 

A position mark consists of a special placement of a trademark on a product. 

Pattern marks 

A regular pattern can be protected as a pattern mark. 

Collective, guarantee and certification marks 

A collective, guarantee or certification mark is not a kind of mark, but can be any kind of trademark. 

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