Prepare for the trademark application

When you make a trademark application, you will need to answer certain questions. By going through this checklist before making your application, you will know that you have done the preparatory work needed for you to get a correct trademark protection.

Checklist for your trademark application

1. General points about your trademark

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Registering a trademark gives you an exclusive right: no one else has the right, in their business activities, to use the mark on similar goods and services or in their marketing. A trademark registration is valid for ten years and you can renew its registration any number of times.

There are different types of trademarks to register depending on how the trademark is going to be used. It can, for instance, consist of words, figures, letters, numerals, personal names, slogans, holograms or sounds. It can also be a specific design of the actual product or its packaging.  

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2. The trademark needs to follow certain guidelines

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Your trademark must be available for the type of goods and services you are going to market. It must not be possible to confuse it with anyone else’s trademark. 

In Sweden, the following trademarks apply:
  • National trademarks registered by PRV
  • EU trademarks registered by EUIPO
  • International trademarks registered by WIPO and covering Sweden

In order to get a complete picture of which brands are registered in Sweden, you need to search in the following databases:

TMview is a collective database for trademarks in all European countries and some non-European countries.

TMview (external website)

More trademark databases

When you apply for registration of a trademark, you must take account of certain points for it to be possible to register the trademark. For example, your trademark must have a distinctive character and must not risk being confused with other trademarks.  

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3. Use of the trademark

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To have a correct trade mark protection, you must have a clear picture of which goods and services your trademark is going to market. Trademark protection applies to the types of goods and services, i.e. classes, that you choose in your application. 

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4. Answered YES to the questions?

Then you are ready to make your trademark application.

Forms in PDF for trademarks

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