Processing of applications of trademarks

For new applications, it currently takes around  3-4 months for you to get feedback. You then receive a letter or email notifying you that your trademark has been registered or you receive an order.

This is how it works

1. PRV receives the application

When your application has been received, PRV starts to check the criteria that must be met for you to be given a filing date. When your application has been given a filing date, the application becomes visible in the Swedish Trade Mark Database.

2. Examination

We check that your application meets the guidelines in place. If we find impediments to registering your mark, you receive an order. This is a letter in which we notify you why we are not able to register the application. The impediments need not be definitive – you are given the order to enable you to do something about them. You do so by replying to the order. 

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3. Decision 

Now we make a decision to register, dismiss or refuse the case. 

4. Registration

When the application has been completed correctly and there are no impediments, we make a decision to register your trademark. This is when the opposition period of 3 months starts. This means that your registration is not fully definitive until after the 3 months. Now you have the exclusive right to the trademark for 10 years and can renew it any number of times.

5. Dismissal 

If you do not reply to your order in the set period, PRV can dismiss your application. It you correct the deficiencies and pay a reinstatement fee no later than two months after the expiry of the reply period, we can resume the processing of your application. 

6. Refusal

If we still think, after your reply to the order, that there is an impediment to registering the trademark we refuse the application. If the impediment does not apply to all the goods and services in your application, we can refuse part of it. This means that you are still given a trademark registration, but not for all the goods and services you have applied for.

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7. Publication

When your trademark is registered, it is entered in our trademark register. In addition, a notice is published in the Swedish Trade Mark Gazette.

Swedish Trademark Database (opens in a new window)

Link to the Swedish Trade Mark Gazette

8. Opposition

If an opposition to your trademark is received, you will have the opportunity to respond to the content of the opposition before PRV decides the matter.

This is how an opposition works

Edited 2023-11-20