Opposition to a registration of trademark

PRV announce registered trademarks in The Swedish Trademark Gazette so that the public have a possibility to oppose to new registrations.

If you believe that a trademark should not have been registered, you can object to the registration.

If you wish to object to a trademark registration, you must submit your objection to PRV within three months from the date of announcement.

If an objection to a trademark is received, the owner of the trademark is always given the opportunity to respond to the content of the objection before PRV decides the matter.

If you as a trademark owner receive an objection directed against your registered trademark due to confusion with a previous registration, you can request that the opponent shows proof of use.

You can expect a decision within six months after the correspondence between the parties is completed.

Decisions made by PRV can be appealed to The Patent and Market Court.

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If more than three months have passed from the date of publication you can no longer oppose to a trademark registration. In that case you can petition to get the registration cancelled, either by applying for revocation to PRV or filing a petition for cancellation to The Patent and Market Court.

Applying for revocation