Trademark databases

In Sweden national trademarks registered by PRV, EU trademarks registered by EUIPO and international trademarks that are registered by WIPO and that include Sweden apply. In order to get a complete picture of which trademarks apply in Sweden, you therefore need to search in several databases.

Swedish trademark database

Our database contains trademark applications and registrations that are registered by PRV and valid in Sweden. The database covers information about the owners of the registrations and the goods and services that are included in the applications/registrations. In order to get a complete picture of which trademarks apply in Sweden you therefore need to search in eSearch plus and TMview as well.

EU trademarks

The eSearch plus database contains detailed information about EU trademarks. That is, trademarks that are valid in all EU member states, that is in Sweden as well. The registry is provided by the European Union Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO.

eSearch plus


TMview is a collective database for trademarks in all European countries and some non-European countries. Here you can find international trademarks that are registered by WIPO and valid in Sweden.


International trademark registry

Madrid Monitor is a database with detailed information about international trademarks applied for through the Madrid System. The registry is provided by World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO.

Madrid monitor (external website)

Classify your goods and services

TMclass is a tool with an extensive list of classification terms to help you classify your goods and services online. TMclass is a collaboration between a number of authorities that provide data for the database.


CF Similarity

CF Similarity is a search tool that helps you assess whether different goods and services are considered similar or not. The tool is provided by EUIPO.
PRV consider the tool to be a guide. The assessments in CF Similarity are therefore not legally conclusive.

Depending on the situation, PRV can make different assessments than the ones found in the similarity tool. In some cases, updates of information from recent court decisions may be delayed and some of the information in the similarity tool might be incorrect as a result. PRV is responsible for updating and maintaining the tool only with regard to Swedish practice.

CF Similarity


This database contains articles, publications and books that covers different aspects of trademark issues.


Articles on intellectual property

Innova is an intellectual property bibliography provided by the PRV library. It contains references to literature on patent, trademark, design and copyright. The online database is free to use.