Choose the right goods and services for your trademark

In order for you to get a correct trademark protection, it is important that you choose the right goods and services for your trademark.

When you apply for a trademark, you must state what kind of goods and services it will concern. All goods and services are divided into a system broken down into 45 different classes. Classes 1-34 are for goods and classes 35-45 are for services. 

TMclass helps you to find your way 

The tool helps you find the classes where your goods and services belong. If you need help in understanding how TMclass works, you can watch the instruction film.

The instruction film for TMclass 

What goods and services should I choose? 

Example: If you are to have your trademark on a product you made, such as coffee, and operate a café of the same name, you can choose the following classes: 
Class 30: Coffee 
Class 43: Cafeteria services

Sales of beverages

If you are to start a store where you sell vegan food, and produce kombucha that you sell in the store, you can choose the following classes: 
Class 30: Kombucha 
Class 35: Resale of food

Sales of jewellery 

If you have a jeweller’s that sells others’ products and make your own 
jewellery and sell it in the store, you can choose the following classes: 
Class 14: Jewellery 
Class 35: Resale of jewellery 

Sale of food

If you have a food store and sell others’ goods in the store, but also have your own finished salads and filled sandwiches for sale, and have home delivery, you can choose the following classes: 
Class 29: Sandwiches 
Class 30: Filled sandwiches 
Class 35: Resale of food 
Class 39: Delivery services 

Beauty salon with cosmetics 

If you have a beauty salon and make your own cosmetics, you can choose the following classes: 
Class 3: Preparations for personal hygiene and beauty care 
Class 44: Beauty salons 

Joiner’s workshop with manufactured furniture and design services 

If you have a joiner’s workshop and make your own furniture, and also provide furniture renovation and repair, and help with design services to others regarding furniture, you can choose the following classes: 
Class 20: Furniture 
Class 37: Renovation/repair of furniture 
Class 42: Furniture design 

Examples of apps 

If you are to protect an app, you should think about them not being classified based on the content or focus in the app.  

  • If you provide the services that the app contains, for example that you perform various garden services, you can choose: 
    Class 44: Garden care, cultivation advice regarding horticulture; advice on garden care. 
  • If you developed the app yourself and want the protection to only pertain to it, the following classification may be relevant instead: 
    Class 9: Application software (apps); mobile apps. 
  • Class 42: Design and development of software; creation of software; support and maintenance of software; technical support services for computer software and applications; update of software; installation of software; programming of computer software. 

In-depth information 

Nice Classification (external website)

Overall list of goods and services 

As help for you in classifying your goods and services, here is a list of general examples of what is included in each class, the so-called class headings. 
Download PDF: Detailed examples of goods and services (pdf 100 kB) 

If a product or service is not in the class list

Information on classification of products and services in addition to the class list

Specification of certain designations in the classes 

PRV requires specifications for certain designations in the existing classes in the manner done by all Member States that cooperate with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO.

Download PDF: Detailed examples of products and services (pdf 147 kB)