Refusal of the trademark application

If we still think, after receiving your reply, that there is an impediment to registering the trademark, we refuse the application. 

Partial refusal 

If the impediment does not apply to all goods and services in your application, we can refuse part of it. This means that you are still given a trademark registration, but not for all the goods and services you have applied for.

When we refuse part of an application, the part that can be registered has to be dormant until the refusal decision has become legally binding. Our decision to register the trademark and publish a notice of it for opposition has to wait until the whole case has been decided. 

If you do not want to wait until the whole case has been decided, you can divide up your application into several applications. Then the trademark can be registered without waiting for the goods and services where there are no impediments. We charge a fee for an application for division.

List of fees for trademarks

Appealing a refusal

An appeal has to be filed within two months of the date of the decision. You have to address your appeal to the Patent and Market Court (PMC) but send it to PRV. We examine the decision again and consider your arguments. 

If we stand by our decision, the appeal moves on to the Patent and Market Court (PMC).