Monitor your trademark 

It is important to regularly monitor which trademarks are registered so that nobody else registers a trademark that can be confused with yours. 

The importance of monitoring your trademark 

The amount of registered trademarks is continuously growing and today it is possible to register trademarks that, for example, are valid throughout the EU – even if there are already similar or identical trademarks in Sweden. This means that, for you as a holder of a trademark, it is important to monitor which trademarks are registered. You need to do so to be certain that nobody else acquires the right to use a trademark that is the same or similar to yours.  

How to monitor your trademark

When you continuously monitor your trademark, you also see what is happening in your field. This may be good to obtain a picture of the competition. 

Here, we provide suggestions of Swedish and international trademark databases where you can conduct your searches to obtain as comprehensive a picture as possible. 

To EU trade marks, eSearch plus (external website)

To the European trademark database, TMview (external website)

To the international trademark register (external website) 

If somebody infringes on your trademark 

If you believe that somebody is infringing on your trademark, you can oppose the trademark registration. Anyone who wants to oppose a trademark registered in Sweden must do so within three months of when the trademark registration was announced in the Swedish Trademark Gazette.  

Swedish Trademark Gazette 

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