Pledging your trademark

A trademark is an asset. If you need to borrow money, you can pledge your trademark as collateral. The person or the company that lends out money to you then takes the trademark as collateral for your loan. 

Pledging guidelines 

  • Both natural persons and legal entities can be pledge holders. 
  • It must be a Swedish or international trademark registration or application that is valid in Sweden.

Application for pledging 

Both the trademark holder (pledger) and the pledge holder can send in an application to register a pledge agreement. You can also use the service for deregistering a pledge agreement. 

To the e-service Registration or deregistration of pledge agreements (external website)

Forms in PDF for trademarks

This must be included in the application 

  • The trademark’s application or registration number. 
  • The trademark holder’s name or company name, with the company’s corporate identification number. 
  • The pledge holder’s name and address.
  • Date of the pledging. 

Upon pledging multiple trademarks 

If the pledge agreement pertains to multiple trademarks that have been pledged, it is enough if you send in one single application with the associated agreement. You pay for each trademark that the application pertains to. 

Upon deregistration of a pledge agreement 

In order for a pledge agreement to be able to be removed from the trademark, a document must be appended to the application that is signed by an authorised representatives for the pledge holder, which states that the pledge right has expired. 
Also sign the application document, which of your pledge agreements have expired, such as their agreement date. 

Confirmation of pledge 

When the pledge has been registered in the trademark register, we send a confirmation of the pledge to the submitter of the application. 

The pledge right, agreement and rules 

The pledge right arises by a pledge agreement being registered in our trademark register. A pledged right to a trademark or a trademark application can be transferred, pledged to another lender or licensed. 
A new holder, pledge holder or licensee is bound by the pledge in the same way as the party transferring a trademark.

Transfer of a pledge agreement 

A registered pledge agreement can be transferred to a new pledge holder, who thereafter can be registered in our trademark register. The fee is the same as for an application for registration of a new pledge agreement.