Renew your trademark registration

Take care of your trademark – remember to renew your registered trademark every 10 years.


A trademark registration is valid for 10 years, which means that you have to renew it every 10 years. You can renew your registration as many times as you want.

Different ways to renew your trademark

If you want to renew your trademark registration without making any changes, there are three ways to choose from.

  • Through the e-service Trademark renewal

By using the e-service and paying by card, your trademark is automatically renewed for 10 years once we have registered your application. We send the renewal letter to the email address you provide in the e-service. You pay a lower fee if you use the e-service. If you choose to use the e-service, you cannot at the same time make any changes in your trademark registration.

To the e-service Trademark renewal

  • By paying the fee

You can also apply for renewal by paying the fee into our bank giro. On the payment slip, write what the payment concerns and provide the trademark’s registration number.

  • By sending in an application

You can send an application for renewal by email or letter, for example. However, remember that the fee will become more expensive if you choose this way.

Keep this in mind

  • You can apply for renewal no earlier than six months before and no later than six months after a registration period has expired. The fee is higher if you send in the application after the registration period has expired.
  • If you do not pay the fee or if the fee is received too late, we remove your trademark registration from the trademark register, and it thereby ceases to be valid.

Everyone can apply for renewal

Anyone can apply for renewal. There is no requirement that the person who applies is the holder or must otherwise verify his or her right to the trademark.

If your renewal application has been dismissed

PRV can take up a dismissed renewal application for processing again. In order for us to do so, you need to supplement your application within two months, and pay a restoration fee.

If your renewal application has been rejected

If you have applied to renew a trademark that is no longer valid, you receive a rejection decision from PRV. If you already paid the fee, we will refund your application fee.

Time until notification

If you choose to renew your trademark registration through our e-service and pay with a bank card, the registration is already renewed the day after. If you apply on a paper form or have a deposit account, it currently takes 1-2 months before you receive notification.


If you also need to make a change in your registration in connection with renewing your trademark registration, you can make the changes before you apply for renewal. A change may for example be a:

  • New address
  • New holder
  • New representative
  • Limitation of the product and service list

Remember that if you use the e-service Trademark Renewal, you cannot make any changes in the registration.

More information on making changes to your trademark registration

To the e-service Change name/address of holder

To the e-service Change or removal of representative



Edited 2023-10-24