Change information about trademarks

You can at any time during the registration period apply to make changes to your registration.

Most changes can be made through our e-services. It currently takes 3-4 months for you to get feedback. You then receive a letter or email notifying you that your trademark has been changed or you receive an order.

Regardless of what change you will make, this is good to think about:

  • You must submit one application for each trademark you want to make a change to.
  • Check that all documents are complete before you send in your application.
  • We charge a fee for certain changes.

Change of representative

When you register a new representative, you must append an authorisation. The authorisation shows that the representative has a right to represent you as the holder.

If you as the holder want to take away a representative from your trademark registration, you or your representative can do so.

To the e-service Change or removal of representative

Transfer of a trademark

You can transfer all or part of a trademark registration to one or more physical persons. You send in an application and a transfer document. You can either do so through our e-service Transfer of trademark or via a paper form. If you use a representative, we need an authorisation for the representative.

To the e-service Transfer of trademark

Change of the holder’s name or company name

If you as the trademark holder have a new name or company name, you must append an official authority document that verifies the change.

To the e-service Change name/address of holder

Address change

As a holder of a trademark, you can do an address change through PRV’s e-service or on a paper form.

To the e-service Change name/address of holder

Trademark change

It is possible to make small changes in a registered trademark if they do not affect the overall impression of the mark.

If you want to make a change to your trademark, in your application you must send in a new depiction of the mark in its new design, and pay a fee for the application for a trademark change.

Limitation of goods or services

You can limit the protection for your registered trademark by removing whole classes, or certain goods and services.

In order to show what the list will look like after the limitation, you append a new goods and service list together with your application.

To the e-service Limitation of goods and service list

Unregister your trademark

You as the trademark holder, or your representative, can apply to unregister your trademark from the trademark register. You can apply through the e-service or by sending a letter to PRV. If you apply by letter, the letter must be signed by you or your representative. If you use a representative, we need an authorisation for the representative.

To the e-service Revocation of your trademark

Division of trademark registration

You can divide a registration that concerns several products or services into two or more registrations. You divide up the goods and services between the registrations. You must include an agreement that shows how the goods and services shall be divided up. You pay an application fee for each division.

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