Transfer the trademark 

A trademark is an asset. You can sell your trademark to another party for payment and thereby make money. 

Apply to become the new holder 

If you and a buyer have agreed on a sale and the buyer is to be registered as the new holder of the trademark, you or the buyer must send in an application for the associated transfer agreement to us about becoming the new holder, so that we can make a change in our trademark register. 

Application with e-service

Use our e-service to apply to become a new owner. In it, you attach a transfer deed as a scanned copy, for example our form "Confirmation of transfer" or a separate agreement.

To the e-service Transfer of trademark (external website) 

Download PDF: Confirmation of transfer (pdf 214 kB, in Swedish) 

Application with form

If you do not want to use the e-service, the application can be made using a form sent by post. Then use the form "Application for registration/renewal regarding registered trademark" together with a deed of transfer.

Download PDF: Application for registration/renewal regarding registered trademark (pdf 1 MB)

Download PDF: Confirmation of transfer (pdf 214 kB) 

The application must include this: 

  • Application or registration number for the trademark. 
  • The new holder’s name and corporate identification number. 
  • The previous holder’s name and corporate identification number. 
  • A statement of intent that the application or registration has been transferred. 
  • Date when the trademark was transferred to the new holder. 
  • Signature with the name in block letters by appointed representatives for the party that transferred the trademark. 

Transfer of several trademarks 

When the transfer concerns several applications or registrations, you can state so on the form and append a list. The application fee must be paid for each trademark application or registration that is to be transferred. 

Transfer document in a different language 

If the transfer document is not in Swedish or English, we may request that you send in a translation that certifies that it matches the original document. 

Transfer upon bankruptcy or liquidation 

If the transferring party entered liquidation or bankruptcy, it is only the bankruptcy receiver or liquidator who may sign a transfer agreement in the name of the company.

Conduct a check of the holder 

A transfer that was done in a proper way is legally binding even if the document is not registered in our trademark register. It is therefore important that you carefully check that the person who transfers an application or registration of a trademark to you has the right to do so and it the legal holder of the trademark.

Processing time

Right now it takes 3-4 months before you get feedback. You will then receive an email or letter informing you that the transfer has been registered or you will receive an injunction.