About copyright

Copyright is an exclusive right to creative works of different intellectual achievements, provided the creation is sufficiently original.

It is well known that, for example, music, lyrics and film can be copyright protected. But also quite different forms of expression, such as computer software, architecture, applied art and more can be protected by copyright.

Applied art includes, amongst other things, product design. Since a large number of products sold on the market are also created with the purpose of providing a pleasant shape, copyright may apply to products of almost any kind, provided that the design is sufficiently original.

Since registration is not required, the creators may have rights without knowing it to a larger extent than for other intellectual property rights. There are also a number of international agreements resulting in protection in many countries at the same time, without any costs other than those to create the work itself. One of the major benefits of copyright law is that it is easy to get. However, the lack of a registration system for copyright means that the protection may sometimes be perceived as weaker than that for other intellectual property rights.