What to do in case of infringement?

If the holder of a copyright discovers that someone violates the exclusive right, there are certain possible actions to take. Read more about them here.


The right holder may contact the person who commits infringement and try to reach a solution by negotiation. Perhaps a settlement may be reached by a licensing agreement beneficial for both parties?


If an agreement is impossible, there are sanctions for those who violate copyright. Sanctions may be both public and civil, involving financial compensation to the copyright holder.

Public law sanctions involve criminal penalties (fines or imprisonment for the infringer), injunction (which is always combined with a penalty of a fine for non-compliance), and destruction of products. These sanctions are not to the benefit of the right holders in other ways than that they get rid of illegal products from the market.

The sanctions most beneficial to the copyright holder are the compensation rules. The copyright holder is entitled to appropriate remuneration for the use of the work. Moreover, if the infringement was committed by negligence or with intention, and took place in a business and in large scale, compensation may be high.