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Simone Frattasi, Head of Global IP at Maersk

ESG Smart Pool - Patent pool aimed at accelerating sustainable innovation

In a new stride towards sustainability, Maersk and Siemens Energy have jointly established the ESG Smart Pool (November 2023), aiming to expedite the adoption of green technologies. The pool offers swift and cost-effective patent licensing for technologies within ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

The ESG Smart Pool is the first of its kind, representing a fresh approach to patent pools. Unlike conventional pools, which prioritize profit, this pool emphasizes sustainability and collaboration. The fees are symbolic, as the objective is to cultivate an ecosystem fostering innovation rather than profit-making.

With a portfolio encompassing over 250 patents spanning critical technologies in energy systems, transportation, etc., the ESG Smart Pool is poised to make a difference. The collaboration between Maersk and Siemens Energy unites two major industries committed to driving positive change.

Simone Frattasi, Head of Global IP at Maersk, underscores the importance of collaboration in achieving sustainability goals. The partnership with Siemens Energy reflects a shared vision of crafting a better future through technological innovation. Several major international corporations have expressed interest in joining the pool, signaling significant industry support. The concept appears poised to set a precedent for other technology sectors as well.

Looking ahead, the ESG Smart Pool aims to continue expanding its portfolio and fostering collaboration among industry players. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, it represents a step towards a greener and more sustainable future.

The interview was made in 2024