Requirements on submitted documents for patents

Here you can find information on what requirements are connected to patent documents submitted to PRV.

Submit your documents safely with our services online. In patent matters, PRV prefer submissions through our online services. All documents submitted via our services online are considered to be originals or certified copies, as the submissions are electronically signed. Furthermore, the processing of patent applications is facilitated when communicating in writing.

Online Filing, eOLF

Web filing of patent documents


Documents that require signature

The following documents call for signatures, submitted as originals or certified copies:

  • Application form (not for PCT applications)
  • Power of attorney
  • Appeal
  • Document submitted in support of priority claim
  • Form for adding an authorised user of the service for electronic communication in national patent files.
  • Form for Groupaccess

PRV accepts both physical signatures and electronic advanced or qualified signatures as described in the e-IDAS regulation.


If you have questions regarding what level of signature your service provider provides, your service provider should be able to clarify that should you ask.

Besides the documents listed above, PRV may request a document to be given in with original signature or as certified copy if PRV finds reasons therefor, for example if there are doubts to whom the document originates from.

Submission Format

Documents filed electronically through e-services

All documents related to patent matters may be submitted through our e-services. This applies to both national applications, before and after a patent is granted, as well as PCT applications. All documents submitted through the e-services are considered to be originals or certified copies, as the submission is electronically signed.

Powers of attorney may be submitted via our e-services after being signed physically and scanned or electronically with an advanced or qualified electronic signature.

Documents filed in electronic format but not via an e-service

Documents filed via, for instance, USB-stick, CD or e-mail are never considered to be originals or certified copies, as the submission is not accompanied with a signature. Therefore, documents requiring signatures must be submitted through any of our e-services or by post.

In general, we advise you not to submit documents via e-mail, particularly in patent cases that have not yet been made public, as unencrypted e-mail is not considered a secure transmission method.

Documents filed in fax format

Documents filed by fax are never deemed to be originals or certified copies, as the submission does not contain an original signature. Document that requires signature must therefore also be submitted through any of the e-services or in paper format, that is, the act must be confirmed.

Documents filed in paper format

Documents filed on paper are considered to be originals or certified copies if they contain an original signature.

Number of copies of a document

Documents only need to be submitted in one copy, except for certain documents in multi-party cases, such as color brochures that may be required in multiple copies for distribution to other parties in the case.