Digital Access Service (DAS)

Digital Access Service is a voluntary service established and administered by the International Bureau of WIPO. It enables a patent applicant claiming priority from an earlier application to rely on a copy of the priority document held in, or accessible via, the service, rather than having to provide a certified copy separately to each patent office with which a patent application claiming priority is filed. The participating offices will also benefit from not having to provide as many copies of the same application.

Participation in DAS

Participation in the service is voluntary for patent offices and for applicants.
Participating patent offices

How the system operates

To participate in DAS with a national Swedish patent application or a PCT-application where the PRV acts as Receiving Office, the applicant can indicate this on the application form or submit a request afterwards. PRV will create a priority document and electronically transfer it to WIPO via a secure data exchange. The document will be held by WIPO in a secure database. WIPO will acknowledge receipt of the document by supplying the applicant with a unique access code via email. The access code will only be sent to one email address.
The access code allows the applicant to authorize, via a web portal, participating patent offices access to the deposited priority document.

Patent forms

A user guide is available on the WIPO website. The guide describes how to use the access code and the web portal.


A request to generate a priority document can be filed in respect of a national Swedish application or a PCT-application, when PRV is receiving office (RO). This is a service for which the PRV will charge you.

A request to retrieve a priority document from the DAS can be filed for a national Swedish application and the previously uploaded priority document can be based on a foreign national application, a regional application or a PCT-application. This service is free of charge.


You may find the fee payable for issuing the priority document in the PRV’s price list.