Requirements for trademark documents

Here you can find the requirements for the documents you submit to PRV.

PRV will not examine if the person that has signed the document is authorized to sign on behalf of the company or have a power of attorney. The parties are responsible for submitting documents signed by an authorized signatory.

E-mail: You can submit documents through e-mail if PRV does not require original documents. Documents that are scanned and submitted by e-mail are considered certified copies.

Fax: We do not consider faxed documents to be certified copies due to poor quality. Therefore, you need to send in an original document or certified copy (when applicable) after you have sent a document by fax.

Revocation: Send in two copies of the original application.

Revoke a trademark, service online (external website)

Change of address: We accept applications for change of address through paper application, e-mail or fax. If PRV for some reason questions whether the application is submitted by the applicant, owner or representative, we ask for an original signature.

Update name/address of holder, service online (external website)

Request for extension of time to respond: Send in by regular mail, e-mail or fax.

Application for trademark registration: original

Confirm an application sent in by fax with an original signature. Confirm an online application with e-identification or signature.

Application for recordal (for example new representative, license, transferral, registration of pledge agreement or changes in the mark): original

  • When required you should submit original or certified copies of documents that prove the act (for example transferral agreement, pledge agreement, certificate of trademark transfer, distribution of an estate). We accept excerpts of agreements if it includes an original signature or if it is a certified copy.
  • For documents showing conversion of company and merger documents, a copy of the document will suffice.  
  • For limitation of goods and services of a registered trademark we need the original signature of the owner or the representative.

Transferal of trademark registration, service online (external website)

Trademark renewal: Neither the online application nor the paper application requires signatures.

Deposit account: We prefer you to email a request for withdrawal from your deposit account. We do accept fax or a certified copy. We do not require a confirmation by sending in the original. Only send in the request once so we do not charge you twice.

If we for some reason question whether the request is submitted by the applicant or a representative, we ask for an original signature.

Change of company name: Send in the application for recordal of new company name by e-mail or fax. An official document that proves this change could be a copy or a print-out from the Swedish Companies Registration Office registry or the corresponding authority in another country.

Power of attorney: Original with date, signature and printed name. We accept a copy as long as it is confirmed by e-identification in the online application or by original signature and printed name.

Documents that have been scanned are also considered certified copies if they are sent in by e-mail. This means a signed power of attorney that is scanned is accepted. We do not accept a power of attorney sent in by fax due to poor quality. 

We accept a copy of a power of attorney if it has been submitted as an original document in another application and you refer to that application number. The power of attorney must include all relevant cases.

Extract from homeland registry: original

Opposition: original (PRV may request that documents submitted in an opposition case have two copies).

Letter of consent: original or certified copy

Priority certificate: original

Statutes: original or certified copy

Response to office action: Accepted by regular mail, e-mail or fax. In some cases, an original signature is required. If we for some reason question whether the response is submitted by the applicant or a representative, we ask for an original signature.

Document to prove authorized signatory (for example minutes from an annual general meeting): original or certified copy

Withdrawal of application or removal of registration (at own request): original

Withdrawal of representative: accepted by e-mail

Appeal: Original or certified copy. Keep in mind that The Patent and Market Court might require original documents as a prerequisite for trying the case.

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