The United Nations body WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) uses intellectual property rights as a means for stimulating innovation and creativity.

WIPO operates within a number of different areas, primarily focussing on service, international legal frameworks, infrastructure such as networks and technical platforms, and capacity development. 

PRV represents Sweden in a number of working groups within WIPO and works to promote long-term international development within the fields of trademarks, design and patents. Together with WIPO, collaboration takes place relating to technical standards for data exchange, classification systems, publication, etc. For over thirty years, PRV has also been involved in international training collaborations with WIPO.

WIPO is responsible for administering a number of international application systems. The PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) is an international agreement which in simple terms means that you can be given a single international submission date through a single patent application in one language. This means that the application will be considered to have been submitted in all PCT member countries (which number more than 140) on that same day. A PCT application does not in itself lead to a patent being granted, but to a novelty analysis and a preliminary assessment of patentability. The novelty analysis and the preliminary assessment are carried out centrally by a limited number of patent authorities with particularly good resources, including PRV. WIPO also administers international agreements in the field of trademark and design. As regards trademarks, there is the Madrid Protocol, which enables you to go via WIPO in order to submit an application in a number of countries based on a national application. The Hague system is the international registration system for designs which is administered by WIPO. 

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