Apply for design registration outside Sweden

Your national design application is only valid in Sweden. If you want to register your design in more countries, you have six months from the application date in Sweden. Your application still fulfils the novelty requirement if you apply further within six months.


From the date you first apply for a specific design, what is known as a priority period of six months begins. During this period, you can apply to register the same design in several countries. Your registration then applies from the application date in the first country. The system with priority links together applications and means that the novelty requirement is not affected.

  • In order to get priority, you need to file your foreign application within six months of the application date in the Swedish application. In the application abroad, you indicate the Swedish application as priority grounds by stating the country, application number and application date. The foreign application is then considered to have been filed at the same time as the Swedish application.
  • In order to request priority, certain countries require you to send in a copy of your first application, a so-called priority certificate. You can order this from PRV for a fee.


You have filed a design application in Sweden for a chair. Now, you want to design register the same chair in all EU countries (EUIPO), in the U.S. and Norway. Within six months, you file an application with the EUIPO, an application with the U.S. and one with Norway. In the applications, you request priority from you Swedish application.

All of the applications are then considered to be filed at the same time in all countries, meaning the date you filed your first application in Sweden.

Design registration in the EU   

If you want to register your design in all of the EU countries, you send your application to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). It is valid in all of the Member States for up to 25 years. Remember that you cannot design register spare parts with the EUIPO.

Read more about Community designs with the EUIPO (external website)

Unregistered design protection in the EU

You can receive a limited design protection in the EU just by publishing your design. The protection is valid for three years. If you want it to last longer and be more extensive, you must apply for a registered design protection within one year of the design being made public.

WIPO - Design registration in large parts of the world  

If you want to protect your design in several parts of the world, you can apply for a so-called international registration. The application is submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). In your application, you state the countries in which the design shall be valid. You can choose from more than 90 different countries and intergovernmental organisations (such as the EU and BeNeLux).  

Read more about international registration of designs here:

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