Choose class for your design

Your design will be placed in a specific class based on the product's area of application. The purpose of the classification is that people will easily be able to conduct searches for previously registered designs via the class. The classification has nothing to do with the scope of protection.

Locarno Classification 

The classification that is used for design applications is based on the international Locarno Classification. 

The Locarno classes for design consist of classes and subclasses. For example, you find various kinds of seating furniture in class 06-01. 

Choose the right class 

In the databases below, you can conduct searches for the right class for your design application. You can search either by free text or class codes. If you do a free text search, the word should be written in plural, such as “chairs”. 

DesignClass – A tool from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), where you can search for your product in Swedish and see which Locarno class the product is in.  

DesignClass (external website)

Locarno Classification – WIPO’s database for design classification. Here are the Locarno classes in original documents in English. 

Locarno Classification (external website)

Hard finding the right class?

If you do not find the right class, you can skip the classification. Instead, include an appendix to the application that clearly describes the product’s area of use and function, and we will place your design in the right class.