Differences between the rights

There are four different intellectual property rights: patents, copyrights, design and trademark protection. You can apply for protection from three of them and you have one automatically. Here we explain the differences between them.

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Differences between the rights
Asset Intellectual property right What is it?
Shoe name "Pro Sollution" Trademark You can apply to register a trademark so that no one else can use it commercially. It can be a figure (logo), word, a color or even a sound. PRV checks that your application does not conflict with other brands. A registration is valid for 10 years and can be renewed as many times 
New material in the sole Patents You can apply for exclusive rights to a technical solution to a problem. PRV examines the application and checks, among other things, that the invention does not already exist and issues patents. In return, you make the technical solution known. You pay a patent fee during the years you have the patent, for a maximum of 20 years.
Unique design detail Designs

You can register a design if it has a new and distinctive look. First check that nothing similar is already registered or available on the market. Your registration is valid for 5 years at a time and you can extend the protection for 25 years.

Photo of the shoe Copyright

Anyone who creates something artistic, such as fashion photos on the shoe, automatically has copyright to them. It consists of a financial right that is possible to license or sell, and a non-profit right that cannot be agreed away. The latter means that you always have the right to be mentioned in connection with your work being used.