Novelty search

Before you launch a new product on the market, it is important to assess if you are at risk of infringing someone else's existing rights.

Avoid unpleasant surprises

With the help of a novelty search, you can get quick answers as to whether someone already has applied for or registered an identical or similar product.

Our novelty searches

It is important that the search suits your needs. For that reason, product areas that are of relevance for the search are selected together with you.

The search covers the following:

  • All national applications and registrations in the Swedish Design Database.
  • All registered and applied for Community designs valid throughout the EU (OHIM and WIPO).
  • Trademark registered outfit protection relating to Swedish trademarks and international trademarks valid in Sweden and the EU.

Our reports

The results are presented in an easy-to-understand report that does not require any prior knowledge of the design area. You receive information regarding designs which are similar to the product you are intending to use, or if we have found any other hindrances. If we determine that the product is of a technical character, rather than being a design, the report will contain a recommendation to file a patent application. You will then also receive information about how to file a patent application.

How long does it take?

You receive the report with comments within twelve working days.


Delivery is by fax, post or email. In the unlikely event that we do not deliver on time, delivery is free of charge. We reserve the right to decline a request for express delivery.


Price on request. Before the examination begins, we will contact you for a quote. The quotation is a fixed price to you. VAT will be added.


We aim to carry out all commissions accurately and thoroughly, but due to the extensive amount of information involved we cannot guarantee that the results are always exhaustive.

PRV Consulting is bound by professional secrecy with regard to every commission, as well as the results. The provisions for what must be kept secret are supported by chapter 31, section 12 of the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400). Documentation is delivered exclusively to the client.