Electronics and Physics, NPL-databases

Here is a list of the databases in Electronics and Physics (NPL) that PRV has access to, regarding Non Patent Literature (NPL).

AIP American Insitute of Physics

  • Contains 22 physics journals.

AIP Conference Proceedings

  • Contains around 1200 conference publications.


  • 1,2 million open access journal articles within physics and computer science.
  • Compiled by Cornell University Library.


  • Search engine targeting scientific open access journals of all disciplines.
  • From Universitätsbibliothek Bielefeld.

DOAJ Directory of open access journals

  • Almost 10.000 open access journals gathered by Lunds University. 50% searchable on article level.

German Automotive Collection

  • Contains journals such as ATZ – Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift and MTZ – Motortechnische Zeitschrift.
  • Springer Verlag
  • From 1998.

IEEE Xplore Digital Library

  • Database containing more than 1 million articles, conference papers and standards.
  • Bell Labs Conference Proceedings and VDE VERLAG Conference Proceedings.
  • Published by IEEE/IEE.
  • Constantly updated.

INSPEC Physics Electronics Computing*

  • Published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).
  • Contains searchable bibliographic information and abstracts within the fields of physics, computer science, and engineering, also includes astronomy, electronics, communications, ergonomics, and information technology.
  • Inspec contains more than 11 million records covering over 4,000 journals, around 2,200 conference proceedings, as well as books, reports and dissertations from 1969.
  • An archive file extends coverage to the period 1898 to 1968.
  • Updated weekly.

IOP Science Institute of Physics

  • Some 130 physics journal from the Institute of Physics and other learned societies.

J-STAGE Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic

  • Access to around 2400 Japanese journals from various universities.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science

  • Conference proceedings series focused on the latest research in computer science.
  • Approx 370.000 conference papers and a yearly growth of some 6000 papers.
  • With subseries LNAI & LNBI and LNCS.
  • Published by Springer Verlag.

Optics Infobase Optical Society of America

  • Contains both journals and conference proceedings.
  • By OSA Publishing.
  • Regularly updated.

Oxford journals

  • Some 280 journals from Oxford University Press
  • Coverage from 1996.

SciELO Scientific Electronic Library Online

  • Contains scientific open access journals, primarily from Latin America.
  • Science Direct Freedom Collection
  • Approx 2300 scientific journals from various disciplines.
  • From Elsevier
  • Updated continuously – even before printed versions are issued.

SciTech Connect

  • Consists of 2,5 millions references including 300.000 full text journals within the fields of chemistry, physics and environmental science.
  • From the U.S. department of energy.
  • Coverage from 1943.


  • A scientific database containing abstracts from journals, conferences, patents and industry publications.
  • Contains över 40 millions references dating from 1823 and onwards.
  • From Elsevier.
  • Updated daily.

SPIE. Digital Library

  • Contains subjects such as optics, nanotechnology, lasers, signal processing, electronic imaging, information technologies, medical imaging etc.
  • The database holds both journals and conference proceedings.
  • From Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers.


  • Contains over 2100 journals.
  • Some journals are Open Access.
  • Coverage from 1924.
  • Published by Springer Verlag.

SwePub Academic publications at Swedish universities

  • Dissertations, conference papers and journal articles.
  • Published by some 40 Swedish Universities, Research Institutes and Governmental Agencies.

TDB IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletins*

  • Full text documents.
  • Focuses on semiconductors, computer devices, information storage, printing devices, basic electronic circuit, optics, and electronic communications.
  • Coverage 1958.
  • Updated monthly.

XPAIP American Institute of Physics documents*

  • Full text database.
  • Articles from the American Institute of Physics.

XPETSI European Telecom Std Institute*

  • Full text standards for ICT (Information and Communications Technologies), including fixed, mobile, radio, converged, broadcast and internet technologies.
  • Approximate update quarterly.

XPIEE Inst. of Electrical Engineers (IEE)*

  • Full text documents within the fields of modern electronic such as optics and tele communication.
  • Published by IEE.
  • Updated monthly.

XPIETF Internet Engineering Task Force*

  • Searchable Internet standards in full text.
  • Approximately updated quarterly.

XPIPCOM Prior Art*

  • Full-text database.
  • Contains disclosure publications from companies such as IBM, Siemens, Microsoft, Motorola, and Sony.
  • Includes disclosures from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology the US Patent and Trademark Office and the Internet Society.
  • Historical coverage varies according to datasource.

XPI3E Inst. of Electrical /electronics Engineers*

  • Full text documents within the field of modern electronics, such as electronic science and engineering, telecommunications, optoelectronics and optical communication.
  • Published by IEEE.
  • Sources are industry standards and conference proceedings.

XPJPEG Joint Photographic Expert Group Std*

  • JPEG, JPEG 2000, and JPEG XR standards.

XPMISC NPL Full-Text : Miscellaneous Providers*

  • Full text documents from Alcatel, Siemens.
  • Conference proceedings in the field of speech recognition.

XPIOP Institute Of Physics*

  • Contains full-text of electronics journals published by the Institute of Physics.

XPOAC Open Access Central Journal Articles*

  • Open access to peer-reviewed biomedical and chemical journals.
  • Includes peer reviewed research articles in all areas of physics and mathematics.
  • Coverage from 1997.

XP3GPP Drafts or 3G telecom standards*

  • Contains full-text of drafts of the 3rd generation partnership project.
  • 3GPP was created in December 1998.

XPLNCS Lecture Notes in Computer Science*

  • Research results in computer science.
  • Sources are proceedings, post-proceedings and research monographs and state-of-the-art surveys.
  • Approximate update quarterly.

Wiley Journals

  • Subscription includes “Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology” and “Ullman’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry”.
  • Approx. 1400 scientific journals, mostly technology, medicine and science.
  • Published by John Wiley & Sons.
  • Contains all Wiley journals since 1997.