Patent information and analysis

Every day thousands of patents are granted worldwide. With the service Patent information and analysis, you get comprehensible presentations of large volumes of data within your area of technology.

Mapping an area of technology can give a vast amount of information which is hard to overview. Using the service Patent information and analysis you get a mapping based on your needs. The result is presented using figures, tables and diagrams.

The result

You receive visual presentations that for instance show technology development, trends and competition. Information that facilitates your work. As an example, you can analyse the development of innovations and technical advances of other players. The presentations simplify sharing important information with colleagues and decision makers in your organization.

We tailor both the search and the report to your requirements. Below are two examples of what many of our customers demand.

Patent overview

The search can cover several different areas of technology or have a narrower scope looking at a limited area of a technology, nationally or internationally. Everything from which patents belongs to which players in a Swedish municipality or region to what patents that are published globally in an area of technology. The report is compiled in close collaboration with you. For instance, you can get tailored reports with extensive explanation and description of the area of technology including commented graphs and tables. Or we can provide you with raw data in different formats that you can refine further and analyze in your own systems.

Patent landscape

You can get an overview over parts of or an entire field of technology. By using advanced search and analysis tools we generate an explanatory report filled with commented graphs, tables and diagrams.

For example, you can get information on:

  • Activity in an area of technology over time
  • Players activity in a field of technology
  • Collaborating players
  • Legal status on players patents
  • New areas of technology
  • Competitors patent portfolios over time
  • Competitors markets
  • Research teams to collaborate with
  • Licensing opportunities
  • Established inventors
  • Innovation activity in a geographic area over time
  • Key patents
  • Overview over the patent landscape

Our searches

We have access to many databases, including those that are considered the most important patent databases in the world. This allows you to see trends globally but also within different geographical areas in Sweden.

The benefit of the service

The service is valuable for business executives, investors, policy makers and others working with intangible assets.

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What does it cost?

You will always get a personal quote on your order. The price depends on the estimated time required to carry out the exact information you need. Hourly price for consultancy services, SEK 1700.

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The delivery time is normally 12 working days. Express delivery options are often available.

For contact and questions

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact PRV Consulting.

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Additional service: Monitoring services

Please bear in mind that a result from a search reflects the situation of today. However, the patent documentation increases with 10 000’s of newly published patent documents every week, a fact which of course could have an effect on your search result. If you should be in need of continuous information – talk to us and we will prepare a monitoring profile.

Read more about monitoring services

Please observe

We aim to carry out all requests accurately and thoroughly, but due to the extensive amount of information involved we cannot guarantee that the results are always exhaustive.