SIS – Supplementary International Search

If you would like an additional search of your PCT-application, then you can ask for a Supplementary International Search – SIS.

Provided you have filed your PCT-application at another search Authority  (ISA – International Search Authority) then you can request a Supplementary International Search from PRV. 

The result

You get a second search of your PCT.

Our searches

The supplementary search is performed after 22 months from the priority date or whenever the application has been completed with the search report (ISR), whichever occurs first. The search is performed in the PCT minimum documentation and also in the Nordic documentation, since we are skilled in the Nordic languages.

The benefit of the service

The advantage of filing a Supplementary International Search is that you get a second search, since the SIS-search is often performed later than the initial search in the PCT. You reduce the likelihood to find new prior art in the national phase, since more databases have been updated during the intervening time. The increasing diversity of prior art in different languages and different technical fields means that the authority carrying out the main international search (ISA) is not always capable of discovering the entire relevant prior art.


The application for a Supplementary International Search must be filed and the fees paid to the International Bureau (IB) at WIPO in Geneva, referencing PRV.

We accept applications in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish or English. 

The applicant must file a request for a Supplementary International Search to the IB prior to the expiration of 19 months from the priority date/international filing date. You can find the application form here:

Application: PCT - Supplementary Search Request (pdf, external website)

What does it cost?

The cost for a Supplementary International Search (SIS) is the same as the regular search fee in a PCT application. The search fee must be paid to the IB within 1 month from the date of receipt of the supplementary search request.

More information on international applications, PCT

Delivery time

The delivery time for a Supplementary International Search is about 2 months.

For contact and questions

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact PRV Consulting.

Email to PRV Consulting

Telephone: +46 8 782 28 00

Additional service: Monitoring services

Please bear in mind that a result from a search reflects the situation of today. However, the patent documentation increases with 10 000’s of newly published patent documents every week, a fact which of course could have an effect on your search result. If you should be in need of continuous information – talk to us and we will prepare a monitoring profile.

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Please observe

We aim to carry out all requests accurately and thoroughly, but due to the extensive amount of information involved we cannot guarantee that the results are always exhaustive.