EU cooperation

PRV is involved in the EU project VIP4SME along with over thirty other patent and trademark authorities.

The project focuses on the resources small and medium enterprises (SMEs) need to make better use of intellectual property rights. With the right knowledge and tools, SMEs can protect their products and services in the best possible way. With information about how they can use intellectual property rights in, among other things, their business strategies, they can increase their competitiveness.

The project consists of several working groups which work to increase awareness of and education on intellectual property for small and medium enterprises as well as raising awareness among advisers in the innovation systems in the participating countries.

PRV is engaged in the work by helping to spread the knowledge being developed in the project and by informing other countries about how we work with the same issues.

Our participation in the project ensures that the project results and the knowledge is disseminated nationally, especially through the business network Enterprise Europe Network.

Tools are developed

By focusing on SMEs and their needs, a number of tools are developed that can be used by them in their work with intellectual property rights. These tools give SMEs a better chance to take advantage of their intellectual assets and protect their rights.

On the website, you can read about how you, as a company, can make use of intellectual property rights and protect yourself against piracy.

Contact at PRV: Anna Lundqvist

European IPR Helpdesk