Attached images

Design protection is based on the images that are published with your registration.

Therefore, it is important that the images you submit are clear and show the whole of the design.

Each image/view that you submit must not be larger than A4 format (21 x 29.7 cm). The images can be in the form of drawings, photographs or original computer printouts. However, we do not accept technical drawings, exploded drawings or similar drawings that show a design in cross section, using lines or dimensions. The product's whole appearance needs to be clear from the images, so it can be useful to submit several images showing different angles. If the design is three-dimensional, you must submit perspective images showing the depth of the design. If you take photographs of the product, the background must be neutral and clear of any other objects. Further, the images must not include shadows or anything else that can make it difficult to see the actual object.

If you choose to submit your images electronically, by email for example, please follow the requirements below so that the image quality is as high as possible:

  • Save the images in JPG format at your chosen level of compression
  • Consider size and quality aspects when you compress your images
  • Highly compressed JPG images are small in size, but much lower quality

In order to clearly show your design in our Design Registration Journal and on your registration certificate, it is important that the submitted images are of “print quality”. We consider 300 dpi to be a reasonable resolution. Higher resolutions than 300 dpi do not significantly improve quality. If you have to compress the images, you should use the zip format so that we can open the file.

If you are applying for protection for a product part, an ornament for example, only the part itself should be shown in the images. However, for certain product parts that are meant to sit on an object, the object can be shown using dashed lines.


It is the appearance as shown in the images that is protected by design protection. If you have forgotten or left any detail out, that detail will not be covered by the protection. Therefore, it is important that the images give an accurate picture of your design's appearance. You cannot expand the scope of design protection by adding an explanatory text describing something that was not clearly shown in the images.