Intellectual Property Day 2024

Every year, on April 26th, World Intellectual Property Day is observed worldwide, and it is organized by the United Nations agency for intellectual property, WIPO.

This year's Intellectual Property Day highlights green challenge-driven innovations with intellectual assets. The development within green technology, particularly electric machinery and the energy sector, showed an impressive increase of more than 17% last year. Intellectual Property Day is celebrated worldwide in line with WIPO's theme for the day, "IP and sustainable development goals".

World Intellectual Property Day

How is the transition to a more sustainable world progressing? One way to measure this is by looking at the climate-smart technology being patented.

Hear Christian Rasch from PRV Controlling discuss how technology that contributes to sustainability is identified and his conclusions.

About the connection between intellectual assets and a green transition

Ida Christensen, European Patent Attorney EIP 

Real Greentech!

The world is facing significant global challenges, and at PRV, we are convinced that innovations and smart management of intellectual assets are key to accelerating positive sustainable development, especially within green technology development.