Trademark online services

Here you find our trademark online services.

Apply for a Swedish trademark

You can easily submit your trademark application through our online application. You pay directly with your credit card or via your Internet bank.

Swedish Trademark Application, service online (external website)

Renew your registered trademark

Apply for renewal of your registration online. You pay directly with your credit card or via your Internet bank.
Any correspondence regarding the renewal application will be sent to the applicant.  

Trademark Renewal, online application (external website)

Recordals regarding registered trademarks

In some cases you can apply for recordals regarding pending trademark applications.

Read more about changes

Change name/address of owner, online application (external website)

Change or removal of representative, online application (external website)

Transfer of trademark ownership, online application (external website)

Limitation of goods and services, online application (external website)

Registration or withdrawal of pledge agreement, online application (external website)

Read more about pledge agreement

Surrender/withdrawal of a trademark, service online (external website)

Read more about surrender/withdrawal of a trademark registration

Revocation of another’s trademark registration

Revocation of a trademark, online application (external website)

Read more about revocation

Oppose to a trademark registration

Trademark opposition, online application (external website)

Read more about opposition

Our online applications are developed in cooperation with Cooperation Fund, EUIPO.

Order and download reports

Through PRV Information Secure you can order reports from PRV Consulting, our search service. This is also where you download your reports.

PRV Information Secure, online search service (opens in new window)

My pages

On My Pages you can find information on your files or your business’s files with PRV.  The service requires login.

Log in to My pages (external site)

Introduction to the My Pages service

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