How to submit your PCT application.

You can submit your PCT application via PRV. When you do, you must choose which public authority will examine your application - PRV, the Nordic Patent Institute (NPI) or the European Patent Office (EPO).

Within one month of the submission date, you must have paid the international application fee, the forwarding fee and the novelty search fee.

You can submit your international application to us by post, fax, in person at our reception desk or electronically. Documents submitted in PCT applications by fax do not need to be confirmed in the original if they are sufficiently clear for publication.

When your application is received, we will give it an application number and a submission date, provided it meets the requirements of the PCT. We also send an archival copy to WIPO. If you have appointed a reviewing authority other than the PRV, we will forward the application.

The PCT Applicant's Guide provides detailed information on the requirements for your application.

PCT Applicant's Guide 

Application to WIPO

Application to EPO

PCT forms (WIPO)