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Swedish Patent Database

PRV's online service Swedish Patent Database is a completely free search service. No login is required. The Swedish Patent Database covers:

  • Swedish patents
  • Swedish public patent applications
  • European patents (EP patents) validated in Sweden.
  • European patent with unitary effect (Unitary patents)

    Unitary patents are searchable in the database, but a link will take you directly to the European Patent Register (on the EPO website) for all information about an individual patent.

  • EP applications published under §88 of the Patents Act
  • Granted EP patents where Sweden is designated, meaning the applicant has clearly requested that the patent be made valid in Sweden. (Searchable in the database for six months from EPO’s grant date.)
  • Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) and extensions to SPCs for patents

The patent database includes all the information and documents which are in PRV's archives, spanning from 1885 until the present day. For older patent material, the information may be limited.

Swedish Patent Database (external website)

Swedish historical patents (1746-1945)

The Swedish historical patent database is an online search tool for researchers and the general public that contains detailed information about approximately 122,000 patents granted in Sweden between 1746-1945.

Swedish historical patents


Discover the contents of the library. BiblioteksSök provides access to scientific publications – journals, books and articles both printed and electronic – which describe technical innovations in various fields of research. Visit the library in person to read the full text.

BiblioteksSök (external website)


Using EPO's web-based service, you can, for example, search in the European patent register, access public information in patent files and read documents online. Login is required.

Epoline, EPO (external website)


With the help of espacenet, you can, for example, carry out your own preliminary investigation before filing a patent application. The database contains over 60 million national and international patents/patent applications. All bibliographic data can be searched and by combining this data you can do relatively advanced searches.

Espacenet (external website)

File Inspection

File Inspection is PRV's public archive for patent applications. Here you can view original documents and certain bibliographic data in all the public patent applications from 2004 onwards. The documents can be opened directly in the archive or downloaded as PDF files.

File Inspection (external website)


Innova is an intellectual property bibliography produced by our library. Innova contains references to literature in the areas of patents, trademarks, designs and personal names, as well as copyright. Innova is freely accessible online.

INNOVA (external website)


PatentScope is WIPO's web portal for patent information. Using PatentScope, you can search through over 73 million patent documents, PCT and almost 60 national collections, access public information from the files and study the documents online. PatentScope also contains general information about patents, statistics, news items, translation tools and much more.

PatentScope, WIPO (external website)

Edited 2024-01-22