Application form

You can apply using our online services, or using a form downloaded from our website or ordered from our customer support. Your application must be signed.

The applicant

An inventor who applies for a patent is both the “inventor” and the “applicant”. If the inventor has sold or otherwise transferred their invention to another person or a company (assignment), the person or company is the “applicant”. If you are not the inventor, you must state how you got the rights to the invention. For example, through purchase, inheritance or as a gift. You can name one or more inventors, and a patent application can also have several applicants.


If you do not want to draft your patent application yourself or handle contacts with PRV, you can use an agent. We have no special requirements regarding the agent's qualifications, but professional agents from patent agencies or law firms are usually hired. Your agent must have a power of attorney, which gives them full authority to represent you.

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Guidance on choosing an agent