Who can help me?

There are many things you might need help with and there are many enterprise support organisations who are willing to support you with resources and act as advisers.

You can discuss your intellectual property with an enterprise support organisation. The advice is often free of charge. If necessary, the enterprise support organisation is then able to guide you towards a specialist in intellectual property law such as a patent attorney or lawyer. This is a selection of the largest support organisations in Sweden.

Business advice

You can discuss your intellectual property with an enterprise support organisation.
We have a list of suggested organisations here 

Who can help me with an IP strategy?

An IP strategy is an overarching strategy for managing the company’s intellectual property.

All research indicates that having a well-thought-out strategy for the management of its intellectual property and rights makes a company more successful. An expert can help you to produce a strategy that links your intellectual property to your business plan. 

Find an attorney in order produce a strategy

PRV’s consultancy services

PRV consultancy services have cutting-edge expertise in all areas of technology. Our patent engineers have extensive and wide-ranging experience and work with the technology of the future. We use the same tools as the European Patent Office, which provide access to the most complete and content-rich databases in the world.

The range of services has been developed based on the demands of our customers: if you don’t find a service that meets your needs, we tailor your search to suit you.

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Patent training programmes

PRV offers a range of patent training programmes We have everything from basic courses to more advanced courses. 

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