How is my application processed?

Don’t forget to pay fees and respond to notices on time.

Response to a decision to grant a patent

PRV subjects your application to both a formal and a technical examination. If PRV discovers deficiencies in your application, you are given the opportunity to rectify these by being sent what is known as a notice. It is important that you pay fees and respond to notices on time, otherwise there is a risk that your case will be rejected.

If you have been granted a patent, you are liable to pay an annual fee each year in order to maintain your exclusive rights. If you fail to pay the annual fee on time, you lose your exclusive rights. You must remember to pay the fee at the right time and to pay the correct amount. PRV does not send an invoice.

If you do not pay the annual fee by the due date, you are able to pay within six month but with a supplement of 20 per cent of the amount.

In special cases, you can request respite and extend your time limit. Missing a time limit may lead to your patent application being refused.

If your application has been refused, you can appeal and request re-examination.

Missed time limits

Pay the annual fee



Respond to a technical notice

Final notice

Edited 2022-10-26