Get help from experts

PRV receives several thousand patent applications each year. Around 40 per cent are granted. If you do thorough preliminary work and write a good application your chances of getting a patent increase.

The chances of getting a patent increase when you engage an attorney.

It may be difficult to write a correct patent application that gives you the protection you need. Whether to get professional help is therefore an important question to consider. In many countries, the law requires that the applicant is represented by an attorney and that the attorney have specific authorisation. There are no such requirements in Sweden but PRV’s statistics show that applications submitted by professional patent attorneys more frequently lead to patents than applications written by the applicant themselves.

A patent attorney is an expert in intellectual property law and patents and knows how to word an application in order to comply with the patent system’s regulations. A patent attorney also knows the best way to write your patent application in order to give you the best possible protection if the patent is granted.

A patent application needs to be sufficiently detailed to fulfil the requirements for a patent, but also sufficiently broad to provide effective protection.